The Wild Meadows Wind Project is the next project on the Iberdrola horizon.  Iberdrola Renewables, at this writing, has preliminary permission to build up to 40 of their 454-foot wind turbines.  Ed Cherion of Iberdrola says they will be built on leased property of “roughly” 7 land owners of private property in Grafton, Alexandria and Danbury.

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wild meadows wind projectIt has been named the Wild Meadows project and rightly so.  This project, while impacting more than the 3 communities, will line Wild Meadow Road in Grafton with windmills span 3 ridges; 1 to the west, 1 to the east on the Danbury side, and a few windmills spotted on the north end of  Wild Meadow Road where it becomes Alexandria.

Wild Meadows is a lovely little, quiet sanctuary for many but it is not because of this that we are fighting this battle.  One otherwise pleasant day, our family received a call from a neighbor, asking if we had heard about the windmills.  The answer was an astounding, emphatic “NO!”  Once having found out we set about, as a family, to learn everything about these windmills.  After all, I had honestly never thought of them as evil things but harmless pinwheels on the horizon.  I admit that I did have a twinge of regret when I saw them on top of these beautiful mountain ranges.

5 years ago I had found the wind farm in Prince Edward Island to be quite interesting.  In fact, our family was on vacation there a few years back and purposely sought them out to see them.  We were impressed at the time.  Prince Edward Island Project is at the north side of the island and away from most of the residential area.  We had no idea what those residential have been through; are going through.

NOW WE DO know.